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24/7 OPS Control.

24/7 OPS Control.


Ground OPS.

Ground OPS.


Trip Support.

Trip Support.

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> Outsourced
Operational Control

Safeer offers flexible, around-the-clock Operational Control Services to match your exact needs. Our services range from automated flight planning and briefs to ground support and coordination with handling agents, covering all typical operational centre tasks. We're here to make sure your flights proceed without a hitch. Whether you're looking for a fully outsourced solution or just need help outside regular hours, we're ready to deliver the right level of support, customised just for you.

> Ground Services

We ensure top-quality service by carefully choosing our global partners, including FBOs, handlers, caterers, hotels, and transportation providers. By regularly auditing and reviewing our suppliers, we maintain a network of qualified partners, allowing us to offer customised ground assistance tailored to your needs.

> Worldwide
Trip Support

Global flight operations demand detailed planning and knowledgeable partners. Safeer delivers exceptional Worldwide Trip Support, tailoring our expertise to meet your specific requirements. We specialise in obtaining overflight and landing permits and managing all the critical details for a smooth trip from start to finish. Trust us to navigate the complexities of international airspace, prioritising your peace of mind every step of the way.

Whether you're delivering a new aircraft or relocating one to a different base, we offer various services to help. We assist with the global movement of all types of aircraft, including commercial airliners, private planes, and helicopters. Our experienced team will ensure your aircraft reaches its destination as expected, overseeing every part of the process.

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We know the struggle; last minute flights requests, pages of regulations, unscrupulous handlers and unclear permits lead times. You got the picture. We make it simple, we connect, understand and work together to make your flights happen on time, safely and efficiently. We like doing things with a human friendly mindset.